Keith Jarrett A Biography (English edition)を読む


Keith Jarrett 伝記(英語版)謝辞




I would like once more to take this opportunity to express my thanks to the publisher Rowohlt Berlin, to Manfred Eicher and the entire ECM team, as well as to Wolfram Knauer of the Jazz-Institut, Darmstadt, who have contributed to the realization of this biography in many different ways. Writing is also made easier when the writer feels comfortable with his publisher and receives support from those in close contact with the person whose life and work are the central theme of the book. 



In addition, the present, substantially extended, English edition of this biography benefited from two extraordinary strokes of good fortune which no author would usually reckon with. After reading the German edition, Chris Jarrett, the youngest of Keith's four brothers ― who had also shared important information about the origins of the Jarrett family for the original publication, has been living in Germany since 1985 and speaks excellent German ― spontaneously offered to translate this biography of his brother into English. One can only describe his engagement as double luck. On the one hand, he is, of course, well-informed about the life of his brother. On the other hand (and this is even more significant for this book), he is an expert in musical matters. As a pianist, composer and organist, his command of the musical terminology and the vocabulary needed to translate texts about musical processes not necessarily easy for a translator to comprehend, can be seen as a great asset to this edition.   



Beyond this, I am extremely thankful for Alyn Shipton's work as editor. As a renowned jazz-writer and alert editor with many years  of experience, he (and this should not be taken for granted) has contributed significantly towards achieving the best possible presentation of this book in terms of both form and content.